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For over 15 years, the people at e-Course have been developing innovative educational technologies and content. Much of our work is behind the scenes as our content and technology is incorporated into products marketed by other companies, including MediaTechnics Corporation, Course Technology and Cengage (formerly Thomson Learning). Hundreds of thousands of students around the world have used—and continue to use—e-Course technology. Contact info@e-course.com for more information.



The original e-Course computer-based training series was among the first to offer live-in-the-application software training and simulated application skills tests or e-Quizzes. The original e-Course has been discontinued, but its innovations live on in many of today’s best-selling computer based training products.

New Perspectives in Computer Concepts has consistently been one of the best-selling college computer concepts textbooks for almost 15 years. Now it its 11th edition, New Perspectives on Computer Concepts has helped hundreds of thousands of students around the world master essential computer concepts.

The Practical series of college computer textbooks focuses on concise training for essential computer skills. Best-selling titles in the series include The Practical PC, now in its 5th edition, Practical OpenOffice.org, and many versions of Practical Microsoft Office.

Illustrated Computer Concepts is a key component of the popular Illustrated series published by Course Technology.

The latest product incorporating e-CourseWare technology is Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window, the true story of six brothers serving in World War II. Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Windows is available as a hardcover book with BookOnCD and in other digital formats where photos come to life as video and source documents are just a mouse-click away. This is history as you’ve never seen it before!